Friday, May 2, 2014



We are based in Russia and offer ATM skimmers and credit card readers, writers, painting machines, POS terminals, data receivers and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
We are based in Russia and EU
Do you have dumps, CC`s, PayPal accounts?
No we are electronic company who works only with skimmers, readers, POS terminals. etc.
Can I pay with PayPal,pay in cash, wire transfer?
No we accept only: Western UnionLiberty ReservePerfect Money, Ukash, EgoPay.
You are scammer? How can I trust you?

No we are not “scam” or “ripper” cannont help you if you fell prey to the idiot out here. If you have done your research you should know Russia is leading within the Atm skimmer realm we even use the same paint main stream ATM vendors use.
Also you can use any technologies to search reviews about us, check out our company.
We was glad if you leave your own positive feedback or review about us in our page or any other place. Don`t leave negative, before contacting us.
5 days away but still don`t got my item! What can I need to do?
Please be patient, some time post services works slowly for example in Christmas time. Wait few extra days and If still don`t got your items, contact us and we contact with post services and if it will be needed we resend your items.
No we don`t make special pictures, because many people who make “rippoff`s” photoshopping what is written on paper, to rippoff other innocents. We do not support it.

Do you offer free stuff, samples, test devices?
No we only sell skimming and any other devices who you find in our page. We don`t have anything for free.
You ship items to South Africa, United States or any other country?
Yes we ship our items Worldwide. Shipping to all countries.
Can you make device with my name written on piece of paper?
No we don`t make special pictures, because many people who make “ripp off`s” photo shopping what is written on paper, to ripp off other innocents. We do not support it.
Do I have problems with customs? 
99.9% we can tell you no. In all our experience any time, any buyer don`t had problems with customs.
We mark all items as computer parts, in parcel is USB cables, CD, many electronic elements.
Also skimmer is simple card reader – nothing illegal, just card reader who is designed like ATM “mouth”.
Illegal part is when you start use it for fraudulent activities. But that is to every people own risk.